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Pewdiepie donation CRY for india 

Recently pewdiepie started a fund raisel programm named CRY to help and support every malnaruished children in india.

Do you know that in india 

  • There are more then 10 million child labourers between 10 - 14 years .
  • 1 out of 10 kids in india  are working tk meet their basic needs and tk support their family financially.

What it means

This means that a lot of kids in india are missing a chance of proper education and chance for proper future thats why pewdiepie decided to raise a fund raiser program for the charity called CRY .
Cry is a charity that focuses for making better future for indian kids so no children in india sleep hungry.

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Main reason to start CRY  donation by PEWDIEPIE 

The main reason for pewdiepie CRY donation programm is to identify why child labour happens and to help to dominate those reasons pewdiepie started CRY donation programm.

And the other reason of this is that children's work to support their family , or there family income is very low so to fulfill their basic needs they work and get some amount of money in return of some food in return.
To prevent an uproot these issues pewdiepie  started a fund raisel programm.
It's our small step towards making india  chil labour free.
If you want to support or donate  you can directly donate by using this link .

👍👍👍   Pewdiepie Donation for CRY

Or you can go to the official website of this donation pewdiepie CRY donation programm that is 


Please donate and show some love to indians .
we all are same we all are humans .
Even the basic needs of those children's were not fulfilled .
This step can give some support to those small kids .
You india you lose 

 we human we win

Top donations for CRY started by PEWDIEPIE

Pewdiepie Donation CRY for india
Pewdiepie Donation CRY for india image 1

Pewdiepie Donation CRY for india
Pewdiepie Donation CRY for india image 2

Pewdiepie Donation CRY for india
Top Pewdiepie Donation CRY for india 

Pewdiepie Donation CRY for india
Top donation for CRY pewdiepie movement.

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