【 WARNING 】 How to earn money from Ambani URL - Read this Article before working on Ambani URL

How to earn money from Ambani URL - is it real or fake

How to earn money from Ambani URL

In this article we are going to clear all your queries related to AmbaniUrl such as:-
  1. How to earn money from Ambani Url?
  2. What is Ambani URL how to earn money from Ambani URL?
  3. How much money Ambani URL pays you for 1,000 clicks?
  4. How to get payout / payment from ambani URL?
  5. How to create account on ambani Url?

So let's talk about what is Ambani URL
Ambani URL is a link shortener website from which we can earn some side income to fill our pocket buy some cash, which is launch in 2018. in order to earn money from Ambani url you need to complete are free and easy registration process in which they ask about your username, email id , password ,  when you provide them this information then they will send you a confirmation code on your email that you provided earlier after you confirm your email your account will be  activated. Now just sign in and start earning.

How much money did Ambani URL pay for 1000 clicks?

Its depends on the location of the audience that that you are deriving traffic from , to the website. there is different pay scale for different countries such as if you are from India then Ambani URL will pay you $7 per 1000 clicks but if you are from Canada then the rate is much higher which is $32 per thousand click which is relatively a huge amount to fill your pocket.
We mentioned all the rates which you will get if you drive traffic from different countries.
How to earn money from Ambani URL

How to earn money from Ambani URL

Modes or methods of payment from Ambani URL


Minimum payout / payment of ambani url

  • Paytm : minimum $2
  • Paypal : minimum $5
  • phonepay : minimum $5
  • Tez or google pay : minimum $5
  • Direct bank account : minimum $5

Once you earned  minimum amount of $2 in your wallet then you can withdraw your money in your Paytm.
But the minimum limit of withdrawing amount by google pay , tez, paypal, phonepay, or direct bank account is $5.

Is Ambani Url is Fake or Real

So here comes the important question that Ambani URL is fake or real , many of us have this question in our mind that "is Ambani is fake?"
Well the answer is "NO" this website is a trusted source of generating  income like other genuine LINK shorter websites such as adfly etc.
This website is 100% genuine website,
I am using this website from last one month and I withdraw a good amount of money.

How much Ambani url pays you for 1 click

So i am from india and the rate for india is $7 per 1000 clicks
So here is a Screenshot to show you how much i earned from single click.
How to create account on Ambani URL

How to refer friends and earn money from ambaniUrl.com

This website has a unique option to earn money by  referring your friends, when someone register on this website then you will get 20% of there earning everytime they earn.

How to create account on Ambani URL

Step 1 - click on this website :- AmbaniURL.com
Srep 2 - Fill the information Such as :- 
  • UserName
  • Gmail id
  • password 
As shown in this image

How to create account on Ambani URL

And its done go and start Earning, just sign in to your account and earn.

I hope this information will help you a lot. If it helped you then please leave some beautiful commenst so that i feel motivated.
Thank you my loved ones.

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  1. Such a valuable content . Love you brother for this precious information.

  2. Have you withdrawn the money?

  3. On Ambani Url i made a request for the withdraw Of a Payment of 5.399 dollar on 6 jan, but still not i receive my payment my registered id armaanafaq@gmail.com payment id 128

    this is purely Fake,Scam,Cheater

    1. Bhai Mene Bhi Do Din Pahle $5.043 dollers withdrawal k liye lagaye the jo ki abhi tak pending Mai hai. Ye Ambaniurl ekdum fake site hai. Ye jo log bhi is website ki tarif kar rahe hai in sabko Ambaniurl ne pese diye hai.

  4. Jo shortlink mujhe milega wohi hum kisi Ko send karenge ya phir koi aur ..plz rply

  5. Es bedside me kam kaise kiya jata hai


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