Top 5 Amazing Facts About Japan - Why japan is the fastest growing country in the world

Top 5 Amazing Facts about japan , why japan is fastest growing country in the world
Facts about japan girls

Hi beautiful people, welcome back all of you to our Blog where you get interesting & Amazing articles everyday. Today I have brought an awesome article about some Amazing facts about Japan. Let me share those facts to all of you here.
So here are some those facts about japan.

Facts about japan No.1 
Top amazing facts about japan

you know that the people of Japan are the only of highest age in the world. The average age of Japanese is 80 years & today more than 50 thousand people in Japan are more than 100 years old.

Facts about japan No.2
Top Amazing facts about japan

Let me tell you that Japan is a developed & hard working country. You will be shocked to know the highest earthquake in the world comes in Japan & then more than 1,500 earthquakes occur in Japan every year.

Facts about japan No.3
Top Amazing facts about japan

Let me tell you that in Japan, no child has to give any exam till the age of 10 years & there are no employee to work in the school because all the teachers & students of the school work & learn together.

Facts about japan No.4
Top Amazing facts about japan

One more important & interesting thing is that people of Japan understand the importance of time & they are never delayed in anything. You will be surprised to know that even train is not delayed more than 18 seconds in this country.

Facts about japan No.5
Top Amazing facts about japan

For your information let me tell you that Japanese people are considered to be the most educated in the world & you will be surprised to know that the literacy rate here is 100%. People in this country do not waste their time in wasteful things & are very creative. Now after reading this post what do you say about our country guys? Will our country develop like Japan guys?

Bonus Fact about japan

There are more number shops operated by  automatic Vending machines then human beings.

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