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Top 20 Instagram bio in Punjabi | insta bio in punjabi | best punjabi insta bio

instagram bio in punjabi 2019

Hello one of the most beautiful creation under WAAHE GURU. A warm welcome to you all.
Here we have top amazing collection of best INSTAGRAM BIO IN PUNJABI . Here you can find every category of punjabi instagram bio such as : Attitude Punjabi instagram bio ,Punjabi insta bio 2019about love,Instagram bio in punjabi2019about parentspunjabi bio for instagrampunjabi status for instagram bioinstagram bio in punjabi languageinstagram bio in punjabi fontpunjabi quotes for instagram biopunjabi attitude bio for instagramPunjabi WhatsApp status about parents etc.

So read these instagram bios in punjabi  and if you want to make it your insta bio then just copy punjaBi bio from here and paste it in your instagram bio .

Best-Shoes-under-300-rupees july 2019
♔Θffίcίαl Δcouηt
💪 ਮੈਂ ਲੌਫਟ ਫਿਟੀਐਲੀਜ਼
👔 ਮਾਈਲੀਓਸਗੁਏਟਰ
😎 ਜੀ ਉ
Δ ਲਟੋਟੀਯ ਯੂਏਨਾਰਕਿਊ ਸ਼ੂਟ
😎 ਸਿਸਿਏਲੀਗ
💗Ι Ηαtε LΘvε
💔 ਫਰੰਮ Ιηdία🇮🇳

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2019 Attitude Whatsapp Status in hindi 2019

2019 new Whatsapp and facebook Attitude status in hindi 
Hello , A warm welcome to our blog . Here is a list of best attitude status for facebook and whatsapp 2019 in hindi. Here you will get 2019 new whatsapp attitude status and facebook caption in hindi for 2019.
Facebook attitude status in hindi 2019 .Whatsapp attitude status in hindi 2019.New Facebook photo Captions in hindi  2019.2019 Facebook attitude captions 2019 hindi.

Here are Some new whatsapp attitude status 2019 in hindi bheed me khada hona maksad nahi hae mera balki bheed jiske liye khadi ho vo banna hae muje.
Registaan bhi hare ho jaate hae jab apne saath apne yaar khade ho jaate hae.

jo guroor aur rutba kal tha , vo aaj bhi hae  aur aage bhi rahega , mera attitude koi calender nahi hae jo har saal badal jaaye.
Shoes under 300 rupees 2019 india Na peshi hogi na gavah hoga , ab jo bhi hamse uljhega vo seedha tabah hoga.

bhai bolne ka haq maine sirf dosto ko diya hae , Varna dusham to hame aaj bhi baa…

Heart touching Islamic Quotes / thoughts 2019 | New islamic thoughts for 2019 in english

Islamic Quotes / Thoughts for 2019
Hello one of the most beautiful creation of Allah. A warm welcome to you all. Here we have beautiful collection of best islamic thoughts 2019 in english . Here you can find every category of islamic thoughts 2019 in english such as :- Islamic thoughts 2019 about life,Islamic thoughts 2019about love,Islamic thoughts 2019 about death, inspirational islamic quotes 2019,best islamic quotes 2019,beautiful islamic quotes 2019,islamic quotes in english 2019,islamic thoughts 2019 about parents, islamic thoughts about islaam 2019 etc.

So read these islamic thoughts 2019 and impliment these in you life.


Faith is not the belief that Allah ‏ﷻ will do what you want. It is the belief that HE will do what is good for you

Be like a tree, even if people throw a stone towards you to harm you  just drop  a fruit to benefit then.

•┈•✵🌻✵•┈• •┈•✵🌻✵•┈•
ALLAH will never disappoint the sincere caller. Even whenever you think that ALLAH hasn&…

What 99% girls sees in boys before making them their boyfreind

99% girls sees these things before making them boyfreind
99% girl want these 3 things in boys :Here I mentioned some of the things and habits that are mostly liked by 99% of the girls. Each and every girl sees these habit s of boys before making them there boyfreind.
1. Handsome
The first thing girls sees in boys before making them their boyfreind is boy is handsome or not. Girls like hansome boys dont get fooled by stupid quotes. Girls love the boys who are handsome and good looking. They want to talk with boys who are handsome and have good personality. Boys should maintain their hygiene and behave confidently while talking to a girl. 99% of girls feels good and comfortable while talking to a good looking boy.
2. Caring
The second thing girls sees in boys before making them their boyfreind is Caring news.  Caring boy are loved by girls. Girls want to talk with boys who care them. They want someone who surprised them by giving gifts. Boys should always take care of their needs and n…

Top 5 Amazing Facts About Japan - Why japan is the fastest growing country in the world

Top 5 Amazing Facts about japan , why japan is fastest growing country in the world Hi beautiful people, welcome back all of you to our Blog where you get interesting & Amazing articles everyday. Today I have brought an awesome article about some Amazing facts about Japan. Let me share those facts to all of you here. So here are some those facts about japan.

Facts about japan No.1 
you know that the people of Japan are the only of highest age in the world. The average age of Japanese is 80 years & today more than 50 thousand people in Japan are more than 100 years old.
Facts about japan No.2
Let me tell you that Japan is a developed & hard working country. You will be shocked to know the highest earthquake in the world comes in Japan & then more than 1,500 earthquakes occur in Japan every year.

Facts about japan No.3 Let me tell you that in Japan, no child has to give any exam till the age of 10 years & there are no employee to work in the school because all the te…

Real Scientific Facts Behind These Superstitions !

Real Scientific Facts Behind These Superstitions !

Now a days, most of us are very concious about these superstitious. But what does this term really means ? Well, actually someone who follows to believe some stupid acts as unlucky or lucky is called superstitious. We belive these things because someday our parents told us this. We didn't ask them why and started following. And even some of us asked they would have told you that few thing are just to follow without reasons. Actually, their parents also did the same and also their parents. So why is all this happening ? Actually at a certain time doing few things was dangerous. So they denied their children also nit ti di that after analysing the situation. Like we are asked not to cut nails at night. But why ? At that time, electricity was not discovered so they could not cut nails at night and if they, they could hurt themselves. So they denied their children but the problem is that we are following them even now. We don't as…